Whispering Interpreting Services

Whispering Interpreting Services

What Whispering Interpreting Services really are.

Chuchotage (French for whispering) or just whispering falls under simultaneous interpreting services. It is most used in informal setting, or when one or two persons speak a different language, be it one-to-one conversation or small group meeting.

It requires no conference equipment. Interpreters usually accompany you throughout the event including any breaks, such as lunch break and whisper the interpretation to you to make you feel comfortable throughout the important session. Isn’t that comfortable?

Interpreting on the Spot

When using InterpretersInLondon, you can rest assured of the accuracy of the interpreting provided as every single word or amendment is interpreted on the spot. Follow the course of events as if you were surrounded by the users of your mother tongue. Everything happens almost imperceptibly and is compatible with your needs and objectives.

What does Whispering Interpreting require?

The most important skill is prolonged voice control. Apart from that, it is crucial to place the interpreter close to the speaker and the listener.

At Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group, we care about all the details to provide you with professional whispering interpreting services, tailor-made to your needs.

We are here for you whenever and wherever you need us

In the event of an important conference meeting abroad, a business summit or a business trip with your coworkers, you will surely take the advantage of our whispering interpreting services. These even cover several-day conventions. Our interpreter will travel with you, accompanying you all convention long.

Conference Interpreters in over 275 Languages

We are reaching out to you with our offer including over 275 languages, from the best-known such as Russian, Mandarin, Hindi and French to less-known like Twi, Somali and Berber. We give you the assurance of our confidentiality, which means that everything said at the meeting stays between the walls.

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