Telephone Interpreting Services

Telephone Interpreting Services

A bit of a history!

Do you know Australia opened fee-free telephone interpreting services for its residents in 1973? Eight years after, that is in 1981, over-the-phone interpreting was introduced in the United States. It took another nine years for telephone interpreting services to enter the most important U.S. industrial sectors.

As you see, this kind of interpreting proved to be irreplaceable back in the previous century. It covers not only distance between people, but also overcomes any language barrier. It really is something we cannot do without.

UK Telephone Interpreting Services

Since we are experiencing a significant influx of immigrants here in England, we can predict they are dealing with myriad social and economic problems in a new environment, not least of which is language barrier. Immigrants and especially refugees having fled from war-torn countries, tend to use public services such as hospitals and social service agencies.

Much as immigrants’ children acquire a new language very quickly, it is not advisable for them to interpret for their own parents. They may still need professionals to help them for example to communicate with school personnel. In short, there is growing need for interpretation services in host countries. InterpretersInLondon are here with an expedient – telephone interpreting services.

One Line, Yet Many Solutions

Government sector, health care, finance or emergency calls – you can connect people wherever they are. InterpretersInLondon provides you with immediate help.

All of our interpreters are trained to complete any assignment at the highest professional level. We are happy to provide you with the range of our trusted and qualified interpreters providing telephone interpreting services.

Arrange Phone Call Or Skype Conversation

With the instant access to Internet facilities, more and more of our clients are choosing to set up the appointment via Skype. It is considered to be time-saving and the most convenient way to conduct the conversation. What you need is a microphone and the set of speakers, which are normally embedded into your laptop / PC. You can also replace them with the set of headphones to get the feeling of being surrounded by sound.

Of course, traditional phone calls still work. As a traditionalist, you are more than welcome! Call us on 020 799 34287 or click on Get a free quote if you have any further questions or if you need a quote to book an interpreter.

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