Software Translation Services

Software Translation Services

As a provider for all technical translation projects, InterpretersInLondon which was formed by the Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group presents you certified software translation services. We specialise in translating software of any commercial language. By doing so, we pay attention to the several key characteristics of well-thought-out software translation services.

Accredited Software Translation Service

First of all, we aim at developing multi-lingual versions of your application. We work closely with your team to ensure the proper localisation in order for your software to work as well as the other language version. Culturally-correct manner of translation of your software is of crucial importance. In order to achieve this, our professional software translators conduct ongoing assessments through testing and implementation.

Key features Of Our Software Translation Services

● Adaptation of your software to each target language
● Consistent and well-structured approach to your every project
● Protection of your code throughout the translation process

InterpretersInLondon provides you with immediate help. All our technical translators are trained to complete any assignment at the highest professional level. We are happy to provide you with the range of our trusted and qualified software translators.

How does the process look like?

Our experts translate your text and adjust the functional elements of a software application in order to get your software solutions across to international customers. Make sure that your software is ready for global audience by using the most advanced software translation services provided by us.

Individual design: In order to stick to the functionality of your source language, we make sure if your software is well-prepared for international roll-out.

Text strings’ translation: Our experts translate all content within the software.

Quality of language: We rigorously test your translated content to assure the quality of language as well as functionality.

We have a wide portfolio of companies who have trusted our services and are enjoying our services. Become one of them to experience the utmost accuracy, professionalism and the highest standard!

Call us on 020 799 34287 if you have any further questions or click on Get a free quote. We will provide you with the free quote in minutes.

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