Public Sector Translations

Public Sector Translations

Among our long-standing clients, we can list NHS Trust, Police, Charities, Schools and Government Institutions. It is our priority to provide secure and credible services for them. By doing so, we get across to the non-English speaking residents who are often in the need of accurate translation. Here we can offer our services in Public Sector Translations.

InterpretersInLondon has now been providing Public Sector Translations for over 10 years. Our professional team of highly qualified translators handle all types of translation services, including fast and efficient document and website translation.

Certified Translation Services

Apart from standard Seal of Certification, InterpretersInLondon can provide your translated documents with Certificate of Authenticity, just ask for this additional service if you require. We are also ISO 9001:2008 accredited. You can rest assured about the statutory and regulatory requirements that we meet. We are constantly refining ourselves in order to stay at the top of our abilities.

Budget Translation Services for All

As a trusted and most sought after Translation Company in London, we offer budget translation services not only for companies but also for charities and individuals.

Our wide range of professional translators will provide you with the services from every subject area including but not limited to:

•    Healthcare Translation
•    Business and Law Translation and
•    Technology are only a few examples of our areas of expertise.
•    Healthcare: discharge summaries and medical records.
•    Business: all kinds of business agreements.
•   Law: legal documents, licences, contracts. Technology: all kind of manuals and website translations.

A Translation Service that Will Meet Your Complete Satisfaction

We are more than happy to receive your feedback. All the translation reviews are taken into account, even if they are not that optimistic. This procedure lets us understand your needs better and acutely evaluate the outcome which we believe to be the best possible. You can choose from over 275 languages now since we maintain our cooperation with translators from all over the world. Thousands of our customers have already relied on the expertise of our translators, invariably enjoying the outcome of our services.

Affordable Prices

Once you choose our public translation services, you can rest assured that you will receive the best of care at the affordable price. We do reconcile the best quality with fine prices – two seemingly disparate things.

Should you have any further questions regarding our Public Sector Translations, do not hesitate and contact us right away on 020 799 34287 and our staff will clarify all the things for you.

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