Proofreading Services

Proofreading Services

Imagine that a translator has to work on a 100 page document in a really short deadline. What are the possible problems that may occur during the process? Or a tender writer is required to meet a strict deadline and yet provide a flawless tender or bid response, this is where the need for Proofreading Services becomes a necessity.

Although we believe that all translators are professionals who put a lot of work into their translations, we are fully aware that sometimes they may not notice typographical errors or translating mistakes, especially, if the long document has to be translated in a short period of time.

It is a common phenomenon that when someone looks at his or her own text after the work has been done, he or she is not able to notice any mistakes. That is why translation proofreading is one the most important process after the translation or bid writing.

Thanks to that we can make sure that the translation and a tender response is precise, correct, easily readable and free of all typographical errors. Only after proofreading you can be sure that the document is ready to be sent, submitted or published.

Looking for professional and affordable Proofreading Services in London?

With its leadership position in the market, InterpretersInLondon offer professional, trusted and precise proofreading services at competitive prices. Our proofreading team, consisting of experienced and qualified translators and linguists, will make sure that your documents are correct and flawless.

Knowing that proofreading is as important as translating, we work only with professionals who have the required skills, competency and qualification to check the accuracy of your translation and tender response.

At InterpretersInLondon we are aware that not all linguists are able to stay concentrated for enough amount of time, what would enable them to notice all errors and mistakes. The ability to stay focussed as well as extreme patience are a must for a proof reader which is what we offer as a service.

Proofreading does not always concern translations. At InterpretersInLondon we also offer proofreading services for publishing companies that require a professional help before publishing new texts.

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