NHS Translation Services

NHS Translation Services

Have you ever wondered how much paperwork you should keep in your folder at home? Especially when investing your money in using NHS Translation Services in order to translate your medical documents, it is advisable to be extremely careful in order not to lose any valuable information, be it private health records held by a GP, an optician, a dentist or by a hospital. You cannot say what your future place of living will be or what health problems will emerge. Fingers crossed you won’t need any help. However, we follow one important rule: prevention is always better than cure!

Translations of Health Records

You may need to have your discharge from hospital translated, just for the use at a later date, or maybe some pregnancy records while residing abroad. All you need is a trusted translation company and professional translators trained on a regular basis in the field of medicine, providing NHS translation services here for you 24/7.   Consider simplifying your life. Choose InterpretersInLondon (IiL) for your comfort and support in times of need.

Translations of Prescriptions

Not every medicine is available over the counter. Every now and then, you will probably have to see the doctor to get a prescription. Patients from abroad are often accompanied by lots of prescriptions in other languages from their countries of origin. This is nothing to worry about; IiL is the Translation Company in London to look for. We are more than happy to give you our helping hand by providing you with professional NHS translation services. Your health is too precious to risk on any misunderstanding. Some things can be out of your hands, but we are strongly of the opinion that you cannot neglect your health! For this same reason, among our medical services, you can also find NHS Interpreting Services.

High-quality NHS Translation Services

Our priority is to ensure you about the highest quality of our NHS translation services. This is why IiL works only with those interpreters and translators who possess the necessary knowledge (degrees, diplomas, certificates) and experience to work in the medical translation field. You can rest assured that your matters will be dealt with professionally and with the highest sense of responsibility.

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