NHS Interpreting Services

NHS Interpreting Services

Be it doctor’s, optician’s or dentist’s

We are proud to maintain our cooperation with numerous institutions that fall under the NHS. These are doctors, dentists, opticians we are working for. Translation of health records, hospital discharge, prescriptions and doctor’s order is almost inevitable part of many families’ lives when they reside abroad and this is where NHS Interpreting services in London play a vital role.

Assessing Patients with Limited English without an Interpreter

Some patients might have command of language which may be seen satisfactory; it might not be advanced enough to understand the orders properly. Patient’s health is too precious to risk it for the sake of saving a few pounds. Some things can be out of your hands, but we are here for you to prevent any situation that might be risky for your patients.

Take a regular appointment at GP’s as an example. You can expect to be given some kind of prescription for medicines and the doctor’s orders. Medical Interpreting is extremely important, especially when it comes to the dosage of your medicines as it might have influence on your well-being or even on your health records.

Appointment at Diabetes Clinic

The number of people diagnosed with diabetes is increasing. It amounts to about 3.2 million people in the UK. Diabetes Clinic is one of the most frequented places by our interpreters who provide NHS Interpreting Services. When you are about to commence insulin therapy or about to change your insulin regime, any misunderstanding should be strictly intolerable. Most often, these mistakes are attributed to the incorrect medical interpreting of the instructions given at your doctor’s surgery.

As soon as you get to know the course of your therapy in a detail, you can rest assured that everything is going to the right direction.

Let us be with you in the times of need

InterpretersInLondon, the company which falls under Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group established over a decade ago, has its priority to meet your expectations with utmost care.

Let us walk you through the procedure of the medical interpreting

Our interpreter will meet you a few minutes before your appointment. Usually, he or she will be waiting for you at the reception or in the hospital ward if your meeting takes place in hospital. You can feel comfortable with all the information that you pass to your doctor since we have confidentiality agreement signed with all of our interpreters.

Certified an Official Medical Translation Services

If you need your documents officially translated and certified then call the medical documentation, we can certify, stamp and notarise your translations if you required.

What is more, we can also provide you with the Certificate of Authenticity. Just inform us that you require this service, while asking for a quote.

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