Medical Appointment Interpreting

Medical Appointment Interpreting

InterpretersInLondon part of the Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group, are proud to maintain their cooperation with numerous institutions that fall under the NHS. These are doctors’ surgeries, dentists and opticians’ clinics we are working for.

Medical appointment interpreting of health records, hospital discharge, prescriptions and doctor’s order is almost inevitable part of many families’ lives when they reside abroad. Much as your command of language might be satisfactory, it might not be advanced enough to understand the orders properly.

Sensitive and Confidential Interpreting services

You probably don’t want to confide it to anybody. Confide it to specialist’s care. Make sure that your interpreter stays impartial and professional in every aspect, throughout the session. Medical appointment interpreting requires specialist knowledge and proper attitude. This is why our interpreters are trained in respect of medical language, the situation they might go through, interpersonal skills and confidential approach to any and all medical issues.

The following list presents the key assets of our services:

● ongoing cooperation with NHS sector
● full attention to every detail
● compliance with privacy law
● native fluency in the end user’s language
● years of expertise

Interpreting for Sensitive Mental Health Cases

Interpreting for mental health patients is not every interpreter’s job. It requires extensive knowledge, ability and good technique. Our interpreters receive specialist training courses in interpreting for mental health services. A number of UK studies have revealed the most frequent mental health problems experienced by UK residents. Among them, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol misuse, depression, anxiety and other substance abuse. Mental Health Establishments are more and more frequented by new patients demanding specific treatment and they are not limited to UK citizens.

There are loads of people in a need of psychological therapy but without the sufficient command of English language. We are here to ease the communication between the doctor or the therapist and the patient as we strongly believe that good interpreting means quicker progression.

We care about the highest quality for you. Your health is the most precious thing you have. Let us accompany you and make you feel sure that you understand and follow the specialist’s instructions correctly for your swift recovery and your overall well-being.

You might request case continuity regarding the interpreter as well. We are happy to book an interpreter for on-going session, following your preferences as to the gender of interpreter.

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