Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services

Law is Everywhere

Hold on for a second and ask yourself what impact does law have on your life? Try to recall the early today’s morning. Did you use your car or got on the bus? Whatever the means of transport, each of them is directly connected with law regulations. You cannot fuel up for free. Neither are you allowed to get on bus without a valid ticket. Otherwise, you would experience unpleasant circumstances.

When Do Legal Translation Services Prove Useful?

Well, even if you drive, you need to observe road traffic law. As you can see – law permits, prohibits, enables, legitimates, protects and prosecutes. It is clear and easy to follow when you see all the regulations in your mother tongue. However, you cannot say what life is going to throw at you. Be it a new place to live or relationships with people from abroad. Wouldn’t you like to provide your Chinese friend with accurate translation of his speeding ticket? Or maybe we should not assume the worst case scenario! We are here for you in the times of need.

Cheap Legal Translation Services Does not Have to be Cheap Translation!

At InterpretersInLondon, governed by the Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group, we incorporate our expertise in the area of law with the language competence of the highest level. What is more, we offer you the most affordable prices of legal translation services on the translation market.

Legal Document Translation Services

Translation of Partnership Agreements – these are legal documents that help you manage your business as well as your inter-partner relationships. They protect your legal rights and set out how you want your partnership to work.

Translation of Shareholder’s Agreement – this document gives you high level of protection against other shareholders and directors by setting out how the shareholders want the company to be operated.

Translation of Stock Transfer Forms – these transfer forms are a legal record of the transfer of ownership of shares between two entities.

Translation of Marriage and Divorce Certificates: nothing can be more saddening than divorcing and having to translate your marriage certificate, and to put such an important relationship to an end that meets both yours and your partner’s legal duties, a certified and accurate translation is of vital importance.

Who Has Already Entrusted Us With Their Projects?

We are proud to have established long-standing cooperation with many local authorities and public sector organisations with all of their range of departments and independent Solicitors’ Groups. They all are dealing with the sensitive cases that need to be tackled in the most accurate, professional way of conduct. Our translators are trained to take care of all legal documentation with an utmost care of every detail. Well-structured and consistent approach to every project means a lot for us and that makes up the whole idea of legal translation services.


InterpretersInLondon gives you its full assurance about the confidentiality and discretion regarding all your documents, personal information and cases. Furthermore, being registered under the Data Protection Act 1998, we give you additional guarantee that your documents and information are well taken care of.

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