Interpreting Services

Interpreting Services

Nowadays, when access to different countries has become much easier and cheaper, the United Kingdom has become a real multicultural and multilingual country which is why Interpreting Services is a popular key phrase searched by businesses and organisations.

This phenomenon has its merits but also drawbacks. On one hand British Islands became a thriving country, a meeting point of hundreds of cultures from all over the world, a place, where you can see almost everything. On the other, though, some of new inhabitants and visitors do not speak English well, which would allow them to deal with everyday matters i.e. communication with local authorities, their GPs, schools etc.

At InterpretersInLondon we are aware of the growing number of the non-English speakers and the need for professional interpreting services in London.

But First – What is Interpreting?

Translation and Interpreting – people sometimes confuse these two terms or use only the word “translation” to name the process of converting the text into another language. Let us put a distinct line between those two terms. While “translation” means the process of changing something that is written or spoken into another language, “interpreting” relates only to the spoken or sign- language.

We can distinguish different types of language interpreting. The most common are:

•  Simultaneous interpreting – the message in the foreign language is rendered as quickly as it is possible, while the speaker continuously presents his or her speech
Consecutive interpreting – the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker, whose speech is divided into smaller segments enabling interpreter to memorise the text
Whispering interpreting – the interpreter sits or stands next to the person or people requiring interpretation, and translates the text using normal speech kept at a low volume
•  Relay interpreting – required when there are several target languages; first one interpreter translates the text into a language common to every interpreter, who then translate it into their source languages

Why Choose InterpretersInLondon?

InterpretersInLondon offers leading interpreting services in more than 265 languages, including Polish, Czech, Farsi, Dari, Bulgarian, Mandarin, Italian, French and many more. Moreover, as a member of the Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group Ltd we are able to provide our services across the whole United Kingdom, as well as abroad.

We are proud to say that hundreds of clients have already chosen our services, relying on our professional, qualified and experienced interpreters, who strive for 100% satisfaction of all customers.

Our interpreters have attended many highly respected courses in interpreting and gained excellent qualifications, such us language degrees from the best universities all over the world or DPSI (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting).

Do not hesitate anymore and contact us in order to book professional interpreter for your appointment now! To do that, call us on 020 799 34287 or contact us through our contact form.