InterpretersInLondon governed by the renowned and reputable Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group, which provides a wide range of interpreting and translation services to a high volume of clients, not only in London but across the United Kingdom and all over the world is the translation service agency in London. Our services include the following language support services:

Face to Face Interpreting Services

•    Face to Face Interpreting Services
•    Written Translation Services
•    Transcription Services
•    Voiceover
•    Audio to Text and Text to Audio Translation Services
•    Language and Cultural Training
•    Telephone and Video Conference Interpreting and
•    Website Translation Services

Accredited and Certified Translation

Translation is not only about transforming one text from one language into another. When dealing with legal enteritis, courts, councils, immigration or passport office you are required to provide certified translations that meet certain European Standards.

As part of a trusted and approved translation and interpreting company (Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd) not only in London but across Europe, InterpretersInLondon enjoys the benefits of following international accreditations and certifications:

•    Association of Translation Companies (ATC)
•    The European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EU ATC)
•    ISO9001:2015, ISO17100:2015 and ISO27001:2013 Standards
•    On top of all this, having invaluable 15 years experience providing world class translation services in over 275 languages.

What is our main aim in the Translation and Interpreting Industry?

We are acutely aware that the wealthier countries of the world have experienced a huge influx of immigrants in short time, especially over the course of past two decades. The countries of the immigrants are constantly changing, resulting in the demand for interpreters working in new languages. Some of the communities are still ill-prepared as to meet the needs of incoming residents, yet there are a lot of them.

Qualified Interpreters in London for Immigration and Asylum Support Services

Immigrants often need to deal with law enforcement officials and judicial authorities. Sometimes they attend the appointments in disproportionate numbers due to misunderstandings stemming from the stress, different cultural practices and attitudes.

Our main aim is to meet their needs with utmost accuracy and by providing quality services while fully respecting confidentiality, efficiency and professionalism.

InterpretersInLondon’s long experience makes it possible for us to live up to their expectations and to help them adjusting to a new country.

We are proud to cherish our cooperation with the public institutions as well as with professional societies, central governments and international institutions. InterpretersInLondon are happy to provide you with its services in various subject areas: from the home visit to the court session. Our highly qualified interpreters are waiting for you seven days a week.

Confidential Translation Services

InterpretersInLondon gives you its full assurance about the confidentiality and discretion regarding all of your documents, personal information and cases. Furthermore, being registered under the Data Protection Act 1998, we give you additional guarantee that your documents and information are well taken care of.

Note: All statements and facts stated on this website fully refers to that of Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd which is the ultimate parent company.