Cultural and Language Consultancy Services

Cultural and Language Consultancy Services

Do you have your own company? Are you planning to expand your business activity and open a new branch in another country? Are you trying to sign an important contract and start a new cooperation with a foreign company? If yes, then cultural and language consultancy services provided by InterpretersInLondon are the best translation company to come to.

Professional and exhaustive cultural consultancy services

At InterpretersInLondon we work with professionals who master in cultures of a particular country, from some “general truths” to details such as handshakes or the way of presenting your business card etc.

We know that our clients cannot afford any mistakes regarding the communication with their business partners or foreign authorities. To ensure the best quality of our services, we always make sure that our linguists and cultural advisors are qualified and experienced enough to deal with such an extensive matter as culture is.

What is cultural consultancy and why do you need it?

There are more than 200 hundred countries all over the world. Almost each country (and each population) has its own culture. Okay, but what culture actually is? The word “culture” has more than one meaning. Most often it is understood as the evolved human capacity to classify and represent experiences with symbols, and to act imaginatively and creatively. Culture can also be described as the collection of language, customs, personal appearing, clothing, social organisation, ideas, models and patterns of behaviour of the community, and even rules for doing business.

Very often, when we want to communicate with people of a different culture than ours, we have to adjust our language so that we will be understood. The same concerns the way we communicate or behave while meeting with foreigners. We have to pay attention to our non-verbal communication (e.g. gestures).

Our team of experts who have more than 15 years of experience in culture and language consultancy is able to help you any time you need it. If you require our services, just call us now on 020 799 34287 or use the contact form in the Contact Us section at the top of this website.

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