Consecutive Interpreting Services

Consecutive Interpreting Services

What is Consecutive Interpreting?

This is the most frequent interpreting service. It involves the interpreter, who listens to the speaker for several minutes and makes notes at the same time. Then he/she interprets the content into the target language. The aim of consecutive interpreting services is to create the conversation-like atmosphere, providing enough time for each side to speak uninterruptedly.

Interpreters with You Throughout the Process

Our interpreters are available to attend all types of appointments and events from GP (General Practitioner) to Court hearings. As life goes on, you can expect everything.

Take an ordinary medical appointment as an example. Can you predict the course of events during the session? In order for you to feel as comfortable as you can, we have developed an impressive database of consecutive interpreters of over 275 languages.

Sworn Court Interpreters

When attending a court session, you will be in the need of a sworn interpreter. It means that everything that will be said during the session will be then interpreted into target language with certified accuracy.

Let our multicultural world be taken as a big advantage, not the other way round. Consecutive interpreting services make you feel comfortable, regardless of what life throws at you. Be it ordinary appointment with your doctor, a visit at your child’s school or a session at court.

100% Professionalism

The level of expertise of all the interpreters at Absolute InterpretersInLondon is the highest possible. Our professionals are trained in memory techniques and note-taking to stay at the top of their best.

Our consecutive interpreting services include:

•    Medical appointment interpreting
•    Legal appointment interpreting
•    Business meeting interpreting
•    Social meeting interpreting

We are well aware of the cultural differences as well as of the varieties of spoken languages. We are experts at the techniques which allow us to get swiftly to the end user’s language. Let us show you the way to simplify your every day duties and your carrier endeavours.

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